At TECNALIA we anticipate future challenges to view, identify and implement technological, imaginative and creative solutions providing added value and producing real results. With our global presence, we transform knowledge into GDP to improve people´s quality of life by generating business opportunities for companies.

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Euskampus Fundazioa is an instrument that establishes mechanisms that foster relations, connection and mutual trust between its members, increasing their joint international projection and carrying out joint training, research and knowledge transfer and dissemination actions.

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Trade & Investment Office

The British Embassy in Madrid maintains and develop relations between the UK and Spain.

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IMQ conforms a solid business group with 84 years of experience. It is the leader company in the private health sector in Euskadi and one of the most important ones all over the country. IMQ currently offers health coverage to more than 354.000 people in the Basque Country and over a thousand companies, providing as well services in the field of health in the workplace.

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Onkologikoa Foundation is a medium sized comprehensive Cancer Centre focused on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult patients with solid malignancies. As a Private nonprofit foundation, our reason to be is bridging the gap between state of the art cancer care and novel technologies.

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ADEGI is the Business Association of Gipuzkoa, a private association with over 35 years of experience promoting business activities. To that end it represents the companies when they deal with social institutions and partners, offering advice and training to the companies, and it has established a powerful collaborative network between them. It has over 1,200 member companies, incorporating over 48,000 people in Gipuzkoa.

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