Congratulations to the 10 Start-ups that made it into the IMAGINE IF! Local Finals

Leire Corral Written by Leire Corral
Published on 07 September 2018
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Congratulations to the 10 start-ups that made it into the IMAGINE IF! Euskadi Local Finals that will take place on November 8th at Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao.

After a few months of applications and evaluation, we are happy to announce the 10 start-ups that will be part of the IMAGINE IF! Programme at our Euskadi branch.

All these start-ups are working on awesome projects in the health and technology fields and they all share a common mission: to bring innovation into the healthcare sector through new technologies and models. They also help to position the Basque Country in the global map as an innovative region, which invests in the future of the medical and biotech industries and has tremendous young local talent to lead this change.

Ready to know who they are?

They will be receiving business and clinical mentoring for 1.5 months until the Local Finals of the IMAGINE IF! competition. We will be hosting a session to introduce both mentors and start-ups on September 11th, so stay tuned to learn more about it!

Good luck to all!

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