A Big Thank you to our Local Partners

Leire Corral Written by Leire Corral
Published on 07 November 2018
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Thank you to all our local partners!

The journey of the Innovation Forum Euskadi started almost a year ago. We
were a very small team with a clear idea: we wanted to bring the spirit
of the Innovation Forum global network to the Basque Country and help
foster technology in the healthcare sector and bring both
worlds together.

From the outset, we were lucky enough to meet numerous people,
companies, universities and institutions that thought this idea had huge
potential and wanted to support us and walk by our side through this
adventure. To all of them, THANK YOU!

Thank you for helping expand our network and for sharing your
vision and suggestions of what the Innovation Forum could bring to the
Basque Country and how it could evolve. Thank you for your valuable
advice.  Thank you for being the best possible promoters of our project
and for helping us advertise it through your social networks.

The Innovation Forum Euskadi would not be possible without your support and we wanted to dedicate a special post to tell the world how proud and how thankful we are to have you by our side.

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